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About Us

Clifton Seed Company was established in 1928 to serve small family farms and commercial growers in eastern North Carolina. For many years, our company supplied vegetable and field seeds, as well as fertilizers to our customers.

For over fifty five years, our founder, R.D. Clifton, nurtured and guided the company toward the goals of providing good customer service, selling quality products and maintaining a profitable, growing business.

R.D. Clifton also made a notable contribution to the seed industry when, in the late 1940's , a new strain of Dwarf Horticultural bean was detected in Duplin County, North Carolina. There is no record of how the improved strain came into existence, but Mr. Clifton was the first to recognize and distinguish its presence. The new strain grew a pod approximately two inches longer than Dwarf.

Working with the Associated Seed Growers, it was determined that the new strain's longer pods were genetically constant. Associated agreed to increase the seed and make the improved variety available for use by the public. Mr. Clifton supplied the foundation seed and named the new variety Taylors Horticultural, giving the Leon Taylor family of Duplin County recognition for their important role in making this improved variety a reality.

Today, the company remains a family business dedicated to maintaining the high standards of quality and service set in those early years.

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